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About Us

Investment Philosophy

The most important part of the investment planning stage is to set the investment objectives. Before we start, we set the objectives whether it is wealth preservation, income generation or capital appreciation.​ Our investment philosophy is guided by three key investment objectives:


We believe that the first deciding factor in managing a portfolio is the amount of risk the investor is willing to take based on the investment objectives and whether an investment is suitable for the investor’s profile. Our primary objective is to protect client’s wealth.

Asset Allocation

When designing a bespoke portfolio the next most important issue is the spread of the different investments in different asset classes. These are based on macroeconomic and geopolitical factors.​

Portfolio Construction

No limits of choices. Open architecture, best-in-class manager selection, direct investments in domestic and international equities, Investment funds, ETFs, Structured Products and other areas of investment suitable to the client’s needs.


Our wealth management strategy encompasses four core values, namely confidentiality, service excellence, compliance and relationship building.


Total privacy of our clients’ affairs is paramount to Finway. We make sure that confidential information is treated as such and we do not disclose any non-public information concerning our clients unless required so by the law.


Service Excellence

This comes after years of experience not only in understanding the markets but also understanding our clients. Finway is committed to providing solutions and service of the highest quality.



Finway is regulated by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority and adheres to the Laws and Regulations by its employees and Directors who fully comply with the firm’s internal policies.

Relationship Building

We value long term relationships with both our clients and our service providers.